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Bedroom Sets

Check our online store FINK.PK/bed for more than 70 bed designs. All our bedroom sets designs are modern with full customizable options. You can choose the material the upholstery and other options like headboard height and the mattress height from the ground. Each and every small details can be customized as per your requirements.

A typical bedroom sets consist of the followings items.


Side Tables




Design your own wedding bedroom set by choosing bed in your budget. Our beds are divided into different categories and of different price range. Starting bed price is Rs30,000.

Budget beds are the contemporary design with the affordable prices.

Low beds are the platform beds also called Jap beds.

Polished Beds are the bed made with the natural veneer board like Oak board or Sheesham board.

Storage beds are design where you can have options to put your stuff on the headboard and under the mattress. We are also manufacturing our bed with the hydraulic uplift mechanism with this you can uplift the mattress and put down your stuff as storage option.

Upholstered Bed are cushioned beds. We are using different kind of fabrics and leather to cushion it.

A typical bed is divide into 3 parts. Head Board – Side Pati – Foot Board. You can fully customized as per you requirements from material to design.

The main item in bedroom sets is bed which is used for sleeping relaxing and resting.

Side Tables

Night Stand or Side Tables are used on both sides of the bed. Mainly we are offering three types of side tables. Without drawer, single drawer and double drawers. Your wedding bedroom sets is incomplete without the side tables.

Nightstands or Side Table are placed near the bed to hold things and typically used at night. They are often used to support items that might be useful during the night, such as a table lamp, reading matter, cell phone, eyeglasses, tissues, a drink, or medication.


For your bedrooms sets dressers are available in various styles, materials and sizes at a wide range of prices, making them the perfect choice.

Decor your bedroom with our modern dresser with mirror. Our dresser offer ample storage for your stuff and other items.  No matter how many drawers you require, you’ll find something to suit as per your need. Starting from a single drawer to six or more as per the design. When it comes to style and color, there are dressers in natural basic colors like black and white, along with classic wood grains choices. You’ll find dressers to suit every design style, whether your preferred look is classic and elegant or sleek and modern. A dresser with attached mirror is ideal for the bedroom.

The dresser can set the tone for the whole bedroom set. A wood dresser is always classic and can be worked into any décor. We have dresser with mirror for every size of room. If you’re looking for Dresser for sale our online store offer several options sure to satisfy the pickiest shopper. FINK is the best place to shop if you’re looking for dressers and complete wedding bedroom sets with an option to deliver you free throughout Karachi Pakistan.


Our wardrobes come in all sorts of sizes and designs to suit your needs, style and space. We mean it. Check out our range of bedroom wardrobes where you can customizes from sliding door to traditional pulling out doors. Standard size of the wardrobe is 6X6.6 feet (72X78 inch) in three separate portion 2X6.5 feet each.   Wardrobe is also the important part of the wedding bedroom sets.

We also give complete walking wardrobe solution. You can customized with all the accessories you want like pull down hanger, hydraulic shoe rack and drawers and trouser hanging. Besides this we give built in wardrobe in bathrooms with the loft for your storage. In order to make your wedding bedroom sets complete we are giving solutions as per your requirements.

FINK is the one stop solution for your wedding bedroom sets where you can order online with your ease and comfort. At Fink you can have glimpse of our workshop in making of furniture at instagram.

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